You | play clipGuest StarNetflix
Lab Rats: Elite ForceRecurringDisney XD
Bones | play clipGuest StarFOX
Lab Rats | play clipRecurringDisney XD
Friends with Benefits | play clipGuest LeadNBC
Without a Trace | play clipGuest LeadCBS
CSI:Miami | play clipGuest StarCBS
Stupid Ways To DieSeries RegularMTV
American DreamsRecurringNBC
Charmed | play clipGuest StarWB
CSI| play clipGuest StarCBS
Living With FranGuest StarWB
Las Vegas | play clipCo-StarNBC
Happy Family | play clipGuest StarNBC
ERGuest StarNBC
Drake And JoshGuest StarNickelodeon
Left for Dead | play clip 1 | play clip 2LeadBrian Skiba/Lifetime
The Straight StorySupportingDavid Lynch/Disney
Break Up GuyLeadAlbert Alarr
Fraud AngelsLeadMatthew Warren/Radar
Suits on the LooseSupportingRodney Henson/Halestorm Pictures
Sugar and SpiceSupportingFrancine McDougall/New Line Cinema
Zanta ClausSupportingCarolyn McCray
Shooting LifeSupportingRyan Alan Petti
Counseling the ClassicsSupportingCarolyn McCray
The Red BowLeadMike Miley/Esquire Magazine
Moving InLeadJeff Stephenson/AFI
AshesLeadDaniel Stamm/AFI
Broken YellowLeadBradley J. Buecker/AFI
The Ink DrinkerLeadMike Miley/AFI
EmpathyLeadJustin P. Miller/USC
Flanagan’s Wake (100 Performances)Brian BallybunionDudley Riggs’ Brave New Workshop
The First Time Something HappenedRussellIce Age Theatre
Best of Bites at the BoxCompanyShadowbox Cabaret
Trial of the Big Bad WolfThe WolfSummerwind Festival
The AuditionCompanyShadowbox Cabaret
Gods at the BoxCompanyShadowbox Cabaret
FrazzledBarryThe Victory Theatre
An Evening with the EgosWilliam HarperEye 40/The Victory Theatre
ShakespearienceMercutio/MacbethGlendale Centre Theatre
Molly’s DeliciousJerry FountainThe Group at Strasberg
The EightDasher/DonnerTheatre Pangaea
A Midsummer Night’s DreamOberonGlendale Centre Theatre
The MatchmakerBarnabyArroyo Repertory Theatre
An Evening with the IlluminatiBrother LawrenceNew York’s Synchronicity Space
HarveyWilsonPark Square Theatre
Iphigenia and Other DaughtersOrestesHidden Theatre
Invisible FriendsChuckThe Old Log Theatre
Jack (World Premiere with John CullumBobby KennedyRupel Jones Theatre
The DivinersBuddy LaymanArden Shakespeare
MacbethMalcolmArden Shakespeare
A 15 Minute Romeo and JulietRomeoArden Shakespeare
Boy’s LifeDonhippkitten theatreworks
Hooray for Diffendoofer DayPrincipal Lowe

Stages Theatre Company
CrossbonesBillIce Age Theatre
Pizza Hut (16 spot Campaign) | play clipPrincipalNational Commercial
Budweiser | play clipPrincipalNational Commercial
Burger King (5 spot Campaign) | play clipPrincipalNational Commercial
Miller LitePrincipalNational Commercial
Hardees/Carl’s Jr. | play clipPrincipalNational Commercial
Mini CooperPrincipalInternational Commercial
MitsubishiPrincipalNational Commercial
PinnaclePrincipalNational Commercial
Peter Piper PizzaPrincipalNational Commercial
Sisco SystemsPrincipalNational Commercial
Movie BeamPrincipalNational Commercial
Energy StarPrincipalNational Commercial
Yahoo!PrincipalNational Commercial
Budweiser TruePrincipalNational Commercial
DupontPrincipalNational Commercial
Gotajob.comPrincipalNational Commercial
Best BuyPrincipalNational Commercial
GMADAPrincipalRegional Commercial
National Diabetes AssociationPrincipalNational PSA
Fetal Alcohol SyndromePrincipalNational PSA
Disc-go-roundPrincipalNational Commercial
Radisson HotelsPrincipalRegional Commercial
American Armed ForcesPrincipalInternational PSA
Blood RoadPrincipalDocumentary
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (MoCap & VO)PrincipalVideo Game
Far Cry 3PrincipalVideo Game
Metal GearPrincipalVideo Game
Splinter CellPrincipalVideo Game
OrochiPrincipalVideo Game
Red Dead RedemptionPrincipalVideo Game
Full Spectrum WarriorPrincipalVideo Game
Lost Planet IIPrincipalVideo Game
BlurPrincipalVideo Game
Orochi IIPrincipalVideo Game
Metal Gear Solid IIPrincipalVideo Game
Star Wars – Crimson EmpirePrincipalBook on Tape
Ben TenPrincipalNational Television Commercial
Pizza Hut (2 spot campaign)PrincipalNational Radio Commercial
DominosPrincipalNational Radio Commercial
Fantastic Sam’sPrincipalNational Radio Commercial
DirecTVPrincipalNational Radio Commercial
HyundaiPrincipalNational Radio Commercial
Foundation for a Better LifePrincipalNational Television Commercial
HondaPrincipalNational Radio Commercial
Starbuck’sPrincipalNational Radio Commercial
Cars.comPrincipalRegional Radio Commercial